Lady Gaga & Springsteen’s Law Firm Hacked

Attackers compromised a law firm, stealing a huge trove of data on A-List celebs.

The media & entertainment law firm of Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks suffered a vicious cyber attack.  The 756GB in stolen files appears to contain data on dozens of high profile celebs, also including Mariah Carey, Cam Newton and John Oliver.

The ransomware attack was perpetrated by a group called “REvil,” also known as “Sodinokibi.”

The REvil group has its own A-List of previous attacks, including Travelex and Brooks International. A hallmark of their attacks includes stealing data before ransoming the organization.

“Cybercriminals use the threat of releasing the stolen data as leverage to extort payment.”

In this case, the compromised data could be very valuable to the law firm and, in turn, the attackers.

“The trove of data allegedly stolen includes contracts, nondisclosure agreements, phone numbers and email addresses, and “personal correspondence.

To prove their case, the hackers posted snippets of the stolen data on a dark web forum. This is very similar to this attack on a Texas law firm earlier this year.

The attacks on law firms will continue. They hold tons of sensitive data, and cyber criminals know it. As always, they will go after the softest targets.

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