Protect your organization from online threats

Successful organizations rely on fast, efficient communication. While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you’re not adequately protected, you’re leaving the organization vulnerable to online attacks including spam, phishing, viruses and malware. With Email & Spam Protection from Invincia, your organization can enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed to the safety threats associated with email.

Don’t let online threats be the downfall of your business or government agency. Email & Spam Protection from Invincia assures your email is working to benefit your enterprise, and not leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

By choosing Email & Spam Protection from Invincia you will:

  • Improve email access – with flexible search options and attachment & message archiving
  • Refine business processes – ease the pressure on your server by offloading huge amounts of storage
  • Ensure the security of your email – prevent online threats and safeguard your business or government agency
  • Simplify systems – get complete email indexing and easy access to your data


Get Complete Email Protection with the Flexability of a Subscription Service

  • Advanced threat protection for Office 365, G Suite and on-prem email
  • Protect against email fraud and targeted phishing attacks
  • Get up-to-date security with real-time threat intelligence
  • Enable email data loss prevention (DLP) & compliance
  • Ensure email continuity during planned and unplanned outages


The cloud-based email security service dynamically scans suspicious attachments and URLs in a multi-engine sandbox environment to detect and prevent advanced threats. The solution blocks ransomware and zero-day threats in the cloud and ensures that only safe emails are delivered to your inbox.