Is Your Business Losing Money?

Exciting as it may be, shiny new tech holds the promise of increased efficiency, happier employees, and a competitive edge in today’s technology-driven business landscape. However, neglecting two crucial elements employee training and change management can quickly turn this promise into a financial nightmare. Below are some common staff technology issues and their solutions.

Lack of Technology Training

Imagine investing in a top-notch CRM system only to find your sales team struggling instead of excelling. The reason? Inadequate training on the new software. This scenario often leads to lost productivity, costly errors, and demotivation among employees.

Failing to Manage the Change

Introducing new technology disrupts workflows and without proper change management, employees can feel overwhelmed and insecure. This leads to low morale, resorting to unauthorized tools (shadow IT), and resistance to future improvements.

Building a Bridge to Success

To unlock the true value of new technology, effective training and change management are essential. Here’s how to avoid the negative costs and reap the full benefits of your tech investment:

Invest in Comprehensive Training

Don’t treat training as an afterthought. Develop tailored programs that go beyond basic features and include video tutorials, hands-on workshops, and ongoing support resources.

Focus on User Adoption, Not Just Features

Training should emphasize how the new system benefits employees in their daily tasks and improves workflow efficiency. User adoption is key to realizing the full benefits of the technology.

Embrace Change Management

Communicate the “why” behind the change, encourage open communication, and address concerns throughout the transition. Help employees understand how the new technology will make their jobs easier and benefit the company as a whole.

The Takeaway

New technology is only as valuable as its users. Prioritize employee training and change management to bridge the gap between a shiny new system and a real return on investment. Well-trained, happy employees using the right tools are your secret weapon for maximizing efficiency, boosting morale, and staying ahead of the curve.

Need Help With Technology Training?

Efficiency and productivity improvements are the goals of most technology transformations. We can help you meet your tech goals with tailored staff training and support. Contact us today to discuss a personalized tech training plan for your staff.