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Firewall Security Solutions

Any business with an internet and intranet that allows its employees access to the Internet and corporate resources, implement firewall security solutions to prevent outsiders from accessing its own private data resources and for controlling what outside resources its own users have access to. For ideal network security, a firewall is often installed in a specially designated computer separate from the rest of the network so that no incoming request can get directly at private network resources. A firewall, working closely with other networking infrastructure, examines each network packet to determine whether forward it toward its destination. Threats have evolved much through the years but firewall security is still one of the most fundamental network protection for network of any size.

Go Beyond Next-Generation Firewalls to Protect Your Network in the Cloud and On-Premises

Barracuda’s Cloud Generation Firewalls redefine the role of the Firewall from a perimeter security solution to a distributed network optimization solution that scales across any number of locations and applications, connects on-premises and cloud infrastructures, and helps organizations transform their business.

From the Next Generation Firewall to a Cloud Generation Solution

In the cloud era, network firewalls must do more than secure your network. They must also ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications.

In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, your organization faces zero-hour malware exploits and advanced persistent threats that routinely bypass traditional, signature-based IPS and antivirus engines. Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection gives your security infrastructure the ability to identify and block new, sophisticated threats-without affecting network performance and throughput.

Advanced Threat Protection is available on all Barracuda CloudGen Firewall models.