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Adjusting to the New Normal

Adjusting to the New Normal is the Only Way to Success

Working From HomeAs remote working becomes a norm, creating a digital workspace that empowers employees to work with agility and resiliency has become extremely critical. From enabling access to centralized resources from a greater range of devices to allowing seamless, real-time communication across departments, streamlining the file sharing and document management process, to paving the way for collaborative teamwork – organizations need to support their mobile workforce holistically.

COVID-19 has completely changed how businesses operate and its impact will be visible for a long time. What’s important is for organizations to adjust to this new way of working and drive efforts in ensuring productivity of the mobile workforce.

Digital Security While Working Remotely

Companies of all sizes are under attack. Meanwhile, remote work has become a necessity for modern organizations.

Remote work presents a unique challenge for information security because remote work environments don’t usually have the same safeguards as in the office. When an employee is at the office, they are working behind layers of preventive security controls. While not perfect, it is harder to make a security mistake while at the office. However, when computers leave the perimeter and people work remote, new risks arise for the company and additional security policies are essential.

These are the top remote work security issues businesses should be wary of.

  • Managing Devices and Employees
  • Insecure Passwords
  • Phishing Emails
  • Using Unsecured Personal Devices & Networks
  • Video Attacks
  • Weak Backup & Recovery Systems

Users can  become complacent about  cybersecurity practices. They often assume your company’s IT department takes responsibility for protecting them even outside of the office.

Enhance Your Organization’s Cybersecurity with Invincia’s Managed IT Security Services

Cybersecurity for remote workers requires constant vigilance. If you’re nervous about your current remote security policies, give us a call. We’ll assess and implement the precautions necessary to ensure your remote employees can work safely and productively.

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