Backup and Recovery


Invincia provides complete Onsite & Offsite Backup Solutions solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Tampa and Central Florida.

We have confidence in our disaster recovery solutions, and so can you.

Backup & Recovery

Dependable Recovery

Automated and advanced re-verification of backup images along with inflight verification ensures dependable backup images.

Instant Recovery

Quickly boot backup images as VMs using patented VirtualBoot technology, and recover files and folders in seconds and entire systems in minutes.

Flexable Recovery

Recover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments, including performing a bare metal restore.

Management Simplicity

Single management workflow for the data protection and disaster recovery lifecycle


Keep Systems and Data Always Safe and Available

Businesses can’t be without their critical data for long. Yet, a large-scale disaster can readily disrupt systems and make doing business impossible. Building out your own data center for disaster recovery is costly. But Invincia Cloud Services lets you control costs by letting you customize services to fit business needs and budget. Plus you’ll never be surprised with extra fees at the time of recovery. When the worst happens, know that data is safe, recoverable, and available.