Locking down networks, gaining new business


Many hotels have open wireless networks, so anyone can log on, which is obviously a concern from a safety and client isolation perspective. MiWiFi, integrated with the SonicWall Clean Wireless solution, allows those hotels to lock all that down.

Mi-WiFi rolls out wireless guest services solution to drive new business and give hospitality customers secure Wi-Fi


Mi-WiFi wanted to build a wireless guest network authentication solution uniquely created for the needs of hotels, restaurants and other entities that want to offer Wi-Fi hotspots for customers.


The company enabled secure Wi-Fi by integrating a SonicWall Clean Wireless solution into its flagship offering, including SonicWall Next-Generation Firewalls and SonicPoint wireless access points. 


• Solution gives establishments strong security and more network control
• Customers can take advantage of branding to grow revenue
• Reporting provides the ability to collect statistics for marketing purposes
• Mi-WiFi can give resellers new oppor